J J & B is a boutique investment bank based in Washington, D.C. Its principals have expertise in finance, public policy, and law, and the investments made by J J & B leverage our experience and relationships to better serve the interests of our clients.

J J & B has an excellent track record of being a good partner and resource for its clients.

J J & B develops a unique strategy for each client, and becomes actively involved with its clients, frequently providing its own funds, bringing in additional strategic investors, serving on the Board of Directors of the client, becoming involved in the management of the client, and provides access to political and economic resources that enable the client to achieve its objectives.

We specialize in assisting small and medium sized enterprises, serving as a one stop shop for finance, law, lobbying, and public relations. This is necessary in the era of Sarbanes-Oxley, where businesses that are publicly traded live in a highly regulated and sensitive environment.

Washington, D.C. has become a great international deal center, and J J & B assists its clients in obtaining financing from private and public sources.

The three principals in J J & B are John M. Albertine, James J. Albertine, and Bart S. Fisher. Each of these professionals is a leader in his field, and has a network of relationships that enable our clients to achieve their objectives.

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